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CompactDiscClub is in collaboration with Winbank to ensure extra security of the electronic transactions via credit cards. Thus, during the transaction process via credit card, the number you use online is transferred to a Winbank secure server.
While your credit card info is entered, the order amount is not automatically charged, but is reserved. The amount is finally charged during the billing of your order.
For extra security and in order to minimize fraudulent credit card use, during electronic transactions, VISA and MasterCard have developed the 3-DSecureTM protocol, which adds an extra level of protection, making possible the use of a personal security code by the credit card holder, during the transaction.

This way, it is verified that the credit card is used by its owner. The credit card owner of a VISA or MasterCard can acquire the personal security code by visiting the VISA or MasterCard sites, respectively, following a simple procedure.
This procedure is as follows: After entering the credit card info, the billing address as well as some personal info, a Secure Code / password and a Personal Message (this applies only to Visa card holders), this info entered are verified by VISA, or MasterCard and the registration procedure is concluded. Then, the information of the card holders, who are utilizing these services, become part of the central data bank of their respective verification systems.

Each time a registered card holder makes an electronic transaction using his/her credit card he/she will be asked for their personal code, apart from the credit card info, as a further security measure, if the site utilizing these service supports 3-DSecureTM. The VerifiedbyVisa service and SecureCode, provided by Mastercard, are offered by CompactDiscClub, through its cooperation with Piraeus Bank, and they appear on our site with their logo’s, which refer to further information on their respective sites. If the user is not a holder of such a card, or if he or she does not complete the aforementioned procedure, the transaction will go through as usual, but without the extra security measures mentioned above.

As a confirmation of your transaction, you shall receive an email, which will include the word “Order”, in its subject, followed by a 32-digit security code, which will be the same, as the one received by the member support department of the CompactDiscClub.
This code acts as a reference number for your order and assures legally both parties, that no one else has access to your credit card info, except the appropriate bank department, during the final billing process.